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Loved this so much. This story wasn’kaki langit so much revenge though, more about the growth of a character. A fascinating, astounding character. Despite my appreciation, I’m giving this 7.5 because the 2nd leads and all the other side character takat way to much screen time. It was so boring when the leads were off screen, that I fell asleep in the middle of the day. I started skipping all the scenes without the leads after that.

So, for the story: our beastly character – hot, handsome, powerful, and charming – is like a wounded bear who is rough with and hurts everyone around him because that is all he knows in his life. He is upstanding and revered in the community but despite commanding loyalty, I think many people don’t get close to him because he is fearsome.

Then he suddenly has a family in the form of a little boy and the boy”s aunt. This was formed by force – because what the hero wants, he gets – and he hates the aunt due to some misconceptions (because slap and kiss lakorn). He treats her so badly that I’m surprised no one calls the police. Yet all his workers and his lawyer keep making excuses for him. I hated that part. Why must a woman put up with abuse because the man is lashing out from the scars of his past? Why did everyone keep making excuses for the abuse?

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He really wanted the love of the little boy, but he didn’t know how to get it, so in the process, made things worse. The boy and his aunt hated and feared him. So he was sad. Boo Hoo. Still no excuse. Despite all this, you can’t help but be interested in this hero and his story. He is an outstanding character in every way.

But slowly, he changes and learns to let his little (forced) family in. The best parts to me (because I’m a romantic) were the many times he apologises to the MFL for treating her badly and hurting her. He does it tearfully and genuinely. When he falls in love, he accepts that love whole heartedly. For example, when she angers and betrays him, he is sad and disappointed, but he is not mad and does titinada hate her. He is rather open to her about his feelings.

And he pouts so adorably. especially at the end when he tells her he’s mad at her but he can get un-mad at her. Lol. He was asking to be buttered up. By the end, he is a completely different person, changed by love and so very willing to accept that change and that love. That alone (and his hot bod) made this worth it.

My only ki aib – Why the 2nd leads tepi so much screen time? Their story was boring and useless to the plot. I skipped them the entire show.

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Raeng Tawan Sub Indo

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